SAVE THE DATE – Free Melbourne Bookkeepers Networking Event
Friday 20th March from 12 – 2.


Connect, learn and share with like minded people in our “Business of Bookkeeping” networking event.

The Bookkeeping Industry is only in its infancy and there are few leading providers to establish standards and best practice.
In a casual environment, this is an event to get together and swap business cards with people in the same industry. We aim to provide some free resources and great contacts to help all of us in the future.

Host – Peta Schimming – Vital Business Solutions
Devoted Mum & Small Business Enthusiast
Peta Schimming experience as a contract bookkeeper and business services accountant places her in a unique position to teach and business procedures that are vital to the smooth running of any business.
With over 15 years in Accounting and Administration, she has a breadth of experience and the ability to adapt to the specific requirements of each individual business she works with.

Guest Speaker
Hari Maragos – A lecturer in financial planning at Melbourne University and senior partner at Victoria Wealth Management. Hari will have some great stories and some practical advice for us small business owners including guidelines to help us add value to our clients.

Adrian Campbell (Intuit) – In our industry it is important to have strong relationships with our software providers. Increasingly the providers are also becoming aware of the need to have the bookkeepers on the ground supporting them. Intuit values this relationship and offers support in a variety of ways. Adrian will give an overview of how QBO interacts with the bookkeepers and how we can both work together.

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