Choosing an App or Software Solution for your business is never an easy task. There are an infinite number of options to choose from and everybody is willing to put in their two cents to tell you which is right for you.

We are accredited to sell, setup and train users in MYOB, Vend, and Xero. We have also used a large number of other accounting and point of sale software applications and there is only one universal truth:


Phone Support

Phone Support


Therefore, it is important to have an honest unbiased discussion about your needs, your capabilities, and your plans for the future to really decide what is right for you. Here are some points which should be considered:

  • The type of entity that is trading and if it is likely to change. (eg: Sole trader, company etc…)
  • Do you have employees and how many? Are there complex payroll requirements?
  • Who do you bank with? What are your banking requirements? Can the software solution integrate the banking function and other business functions to reduce administration time?
  • Who are the users of the software solutions? What capabilities do they have? What Individual needs do they have? Where do they need to access the information?
  • What infrastructure do you have? What infrastructure will you need? What about data security, ongoing costs etc…? Can I access it offline? Do I need to access it offline? What is the implementation time-frame?
  • What budget to you have? How much will it cost to set up? how much does it cost to maintain?
  • Is there support available? When is it available? How much is it? Is it personalised?
  • Can my accountant easily access and use the information? Is it compliant to the relevant laws?
  • What information will help me manage my business? Will it provide this information?
  • Is the software solution upgrade-able? Are the growth options inline with my future plans?
  • What systems do you currently have in place? Are they compatible with the new software solution?

We offer a BIAS FREE analysis of your business requirements and recommend a software solution for you. We can them project manage and / or support the implementation for you.




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