Have you outgrown your current program?

Here are 5 signs you have outgrown your current accounting software: 

1. People are telling you so

2. You cant get the information you want

3. You are making excessive customisations to get the information you want

4. You are compromising on performance due to limitations

5. You have an array of spreadsheets as well as your software.


So what do you do? 

There are many different solutions to your predicament. You can utilise an add-on like buildertrend or propertytree.

Dianne Jewell from Rapid Entry Business Services  recommends  JCurve.

JCurve is a product for those businesses that have outgrown both Xero and QBO (the two leaders in Cloud Accounting Technology).

For $49 per month you get –

  • 1 full access login
  • 1 external accountant login
  • 5 employee restricted access logins
  • Unlimited transactions
  • Self-install wizard and online support

So you can start with JCurve as a small business with one internal Bookkeeper /Administrator for a very competitive price especially as you don’t have to use a separate CRM system and a separate Inventory system. What’s more the Ecommerce within JCurve eliminates the need for a separate ecommerce feature. This article is not a feature to compare prices but perhaps it should be. Along with the price benefit’s, you have the inherent benefit’s of only having to learn one system.

I haven’t tested JCurve’s support although I did have the trial for a few months. It’s not exactly the sort of system you can learn and effectively trial in that short amount of time.

Some of its features include:

  • It is Cloud Based
  • Unlimited Transactions
  • For a Payroll greater than 10, you need to upgrade
  • Includes a CRM and full warehouse based inventory system
  • Scalable as business grows

Not recommended for Accounting Firms or Small Business for whom Xero would be highly suitable.

It has the usual accounting features –

  • General ledger
  • Debtors
  • Creditors
  • Payroll
  • Inventory – has been called ‘sophisticated’
  • Purchasing
  • Bank reconciliation (Bank Feeds)
  • Sales orders & invoicing
  • Purchases orders
  • Customised reports & dashboard
  • Contacts, calendar, tasks & events
  • Tiered security access

This product is more suitable for a large small business with multicity offices and distribution centres. It can be used instead of Xero or QBO and is highly recommended for businesses that have started growing rapidly.


Dianne Jewell – Rapid Entry Business Services March 2015 Copyright.